Storage Amenities

All of our facilities are equipped with advanced gating, security and are modern self storage facilities. Below are some of the other options available at each location.

Climate Controlled Storage Units for Delicate Items

Because certain types of stored goods require more protection, we offer climate controlled storage units which are heated or cooled to protect your belongings from the extreme temperatures. We have these units available in both our Camarillo, CA and Fountain Hills, AZ locations. Climate-controlled units not only keep the temperature inside the unit even, it will also reduce humidity within the unit. Humidity causes excess moisture to build up which can damage stored items. Moisture not only damages your stored items, but can attract an infestation of bugs, mice, and even mold and mildew, which can ruin your items.

Business Records and Inventory Storage

Whether you’re looking to store remotely because you’re expanding too fast, or because you want to cut back on your office and warehousing commitments, we have the unit for you. Put your storage area to work as retail and/or office space. Excess inventory can quickly overwhelm a business as it grows. We are able to provide flexible storage options for all of your business needs. We also have the proper security and safe guards in place to confidently store all of business documents.

RV/Vehicle Storage

So, you’re finished traveling the countryside and you’re ready to stay home for awhile. But there’s not enough space in your driveway for the RV? All Store Safe locations have RV storage. This is a great way to protect your RV from the environment and vandalism.


We keep your items as safe as can be. Individually alarmed and monitored storage units make Store Safe the best choice for quality self storage. Each of our facilities features coded access gates because security is a priority for us.

Full Fire Sprinklers

Just another way that we here at Store Safe ensure the safety of your stored items. Each of our locations is protected with fire sprinklers for your peace of mind.