You're going to store what in your unit?!?!

We've heard some pretty crazy stories about what people have kept in their storage units, so we thought it proper to offer some free advice about what not to store in your unit, as well as some questionable items that you are, in fact, allowed to store.

In the DO NOT store category:

  1. No animals. We strive to protect your things from rodents and other vermin, so please don't bring them - plus it's just plain mean.
  2. No plants of any kind - they can carry pests and potentially begin to rot and smell. In addition, Store Safe Self Storage is intent about not harboring medicinal herb farms.
  3. No Gasoline, propane, kerosene or any other highly flammable product-for obvious reasons.
  4. No move-in's please. Storage units are for storing items, not people.
  5. No Garbage. We understand that sometimes it's difficult to decide what to toss and what to store but if it is trash, we ask you not to store it. Trash may contain bacteria and other corrosives that destroy your other belongings.

Questionable, but ALLOWED:

  1. Incriminating celebrity photos. (ex: pictures of Val Kilmer allegedly kissing Paris Hilton were found in Miss Hilton's unit)
  2. Boots given to you by Burt Reynolds.
  3. 9-foot tall pyramid tombs (see Nicholas Cage)
  4. Blow-up-dolls from the 'Vegas Trip'
  5. Notes, pictures, and memorabilia from your EX that you were supposed to throw away.
What not to store, gasoline and bunnies
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You're going to store what
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